Some issues aren’t national

…and imagine a country that didn’t know this. Imagine if Alaskans and Hawaiians could vote on whether Maryland should allow gambling to raise money for its school system. Imagine if Idaho and Wisconsin could vote on marijuana laws in Colorado. Imagine if New York and California could vote on the governance of public utilities in Wyoming. A New Yorker knows nothing about Wyoming; she can’t form an educated opinion on its public utilies; and what happens in Wyoming won’t affect her at all—so she shouldn’t be able to vote on it, she has no grounds to say anything about it, and it would be absurd to suggest otherwise. Everyone knows this.

But if someone in Rutland, which is whiter than Japan is Japanese, wants to vote on immigration…


2 responses to “Some issues aren’t national

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  2. Alraune June 4, 2016 at 9:28 am

    I trust it can be made national with enough campaign stops in California.

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