The three Reddits

In addition to the right-Reddit, there is now a left-Reddit, sponsored by Lena Dunham and advertised by leftist press-release reprinter TechCrunch, previously known for doxing Mencius Moldbug.

Given the Rabid Puppies and so on, it seems likely that fandoms will pillarize. I hear that the interactive fiction world has already split along political lines: choice-based interactive fiction is apparently associated with the left, and parser-based interactive fiction with the right. To round out the pillars, is there a Christian interactive fiction industry? Christians are one of the two groups in America that have completed the process of pillarization—Christian rock, Christian colleges, Christian video games, even a Christian brand of mints (yes, really; they sold them at the Adventist store when I was young, and yes, there are such things as Adventist stores)—so it wouldn’t surprise me. Then again, Rod Dreher doesn’t seem to think there’s such a thing as a Christian pillar.

American cartoons are mostly left-coded, leaving the right with anime and My Little Pony.

And the Ghostbusters reboot—at a time when the studios are seemingly incapable of coming up with new ideas, and relying mostly on, of all things, comic-book superhero films—is being marketed with the same techniques as Hillary Clinton (and, arguably, as 12 Years a Slave): you should consume this product because it is politically obligatory for Right-Thinking People to consume this product. If this strategy works, it will be reused.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton, remember that pillarization in the Netherlands was consciously chosen by political elites:

The Dutch parties, deciding to recruit their followers exclusively from an ideologically clearly defined group, had to anticipate two consequences—a desirable and an undesirable one: By pillarization they could ensure a longlasting, nearly blind loyalty but on the other hand they had to accept a strict limitation of their sphere of influence, because all members of different religious or ideological groups were by definitionem beyond reach. …

They compared the disadvantages of limiting their sphere of influence with the big advantages: if a realistic chance could be expected to gain a majority, pillarization would be the best strategy possible for gaining both: majority and loyal voters.

And remember that Dutch pillarization was functional because of the strong tradition of cooperation among the elites of the different pillars.

No such tradition exists here.

4 responses to “The three Reddits

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  2. Frog Do May 29, 2016 at 6:55 pm

    I am not sure evangelical Christians have actually achieved pillarization. I know all that stuff exists, but it’s rootless. The classic tribal societies had the idea of a mythical ancestor a couple generations back that linked them, if you ask an evangelical Christian what she thinks her great-great-great-grandparents would have thought of Christian rock, of Christian politics, of Christian education, I think she would immediately understand that they would disapprove.

  3. Mark Yuray May 30, 2016 at 9:20 pm

    American [Protestant] Christians are arguably pillarized, but they’re only a few decades and a few hundred miles separated from Bang Haitians For MLK Progressives, which is why they are predictable Adopt Haitians For Jesus Christians right now.

    It’ll only take a relative handful of renegade Blue elites like Misters Trump and Thiel to achieve a more solid, strong and permanent pillarization, however.

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