Pillarization: the secret of Dutch success

Discussing a number of hypotheses, Lijphart concludes that there are two factors, plus one indirect explanation and one comprehensive explanation. (Politics 1968, ch. 5) The two factors are firstly, the basic sense of nationalism among the members of all four blocs, which is reinforced by a few national symbols, and secondly, the crosscutting of the religious and class cleavages. The first factor promotes unity and the second diminishes sharp divisions. The so-called indirect explanation is the deferential character of the Dutch political culture: Dutch politics is “highly elitist” and the masses accept this elitist leadership. (Politics 1968, 102) The reason for this is to be found in the comprehensive “explanans,” in itself the crux of Dutch political stability, namely, the spirit of accommodation among the political elites. “That is the secret of its success.” (Politics 1968, 103)



4 responses to “Pillarization: the secret of Dutch success

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  3. Alf June 1, 2016 at 8:28 pm

    This and the other post makes sense to me. It is tough to understand what is going on because the Netherlands is dripping leftist narratives.

    Some thoughts:
    – The elitist part is true. It is mixed with a Dutch ‘be normal then you’re good enough attitude’ but there remains a certain level of respect for politicians. My hunch is that it is very slowly falling apart.
    – Well actually I am pretty certain it is falling apart – #nrx. What makes me cautious is that I have to remark that the Netherlands right now is functioning fairly well. Murder rates are low, public transport works, max verstappen works, bicycle paths work, healthcare works. Naturally this is in spite of leftism and not thanks to it, but nonetheless it has made the Dutch decadent and self-satisfied., especially the older generation,

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