Twitter artificially manipulates trends

No one should be surprised by this. No one should be surprised that Facebook does it either. But here’s proof.

Edit: In the 20 minutes between when I tweeted about this and when I published this post, they filed the numbers off one of their injected trends.


#RepealHB2 refers to the North Carolina ‘bathroom bill’. Twitter (almost certainly) artificially injected a hashtag trying to influence North Carolina into the trends of the Washington, DC area, which, needless to say, doesn’t include any part of North Carolina. Details, details.


Oddly, they didn’t make it trend in Charlotte.


2 responses to “Twitter artificially manipulates trends

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  2. Jefferson May 17, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    Someone has been running a weird anti H2B ad here in NC, basically highlighting how all the Fortune 100 companies aren’t coming to the state because of it. If there was any doubt that the is Fascist…

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