The Fifth Great Awakening

La Wik:

  • First Great Awakening: 1730-1755
  • Second Great Awakening: 1790-1840
  • Third Great Awakening: 1850-1900
  • Fourth Great Awakening: 1960-1980

From 1730 to 1790 is 60 years. From 1790 to 1850 is 60 years. From 1850 to 1960 is 110 years. 110 / 2 = 55. Close enough. 1960 + 60 = 2020.

As we all know, the Fourth Great Awakening had secular and folk-religious components. We should expect the fifth one to as well. The obvious candidates for the secular component are the already-existing revivals of Communism, Fascism, and flat-earthism, and the obvious candidates for the folk-religious component are Tumblrism, fad diets, and singularitarianism. There are probably more.

What will the religious component look like?

Well, things are getting weird. Really weird.

We may also see dramatic expansions of paganism and Buddhism, as well as an expansion of Catholicism (and Orthodoxy?) at the expense of Protestantism and agnosticism. The groundwork has already been laid.

I didn’t think things would get so weird so quickly. I didn’t expect Trump to get this far. And it’s just getting started. Buckle up, y’all—or not.


9 responses to “The Fifth Great Awakening

  1. Wrong Side of History May 3, 2016 at 8:04 pm



    I’m starting to think that WN isn’t necessarily in conflict with globalism. Globalism can maintain order through a program of ideological chaos.

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    • nydwracu May 4, 2016 at 2:50 am

      Interesting. I’ve got to start paying more attention to this stuff…

      But the article at the top of the recommendations bar is even more relevant to the Fifth Great Awakening: Theologian says gender identity a ‘last wall’ in civilization

      “If we don’t teach these things, a secular, sex-obsessed, gender-blurring culture will be very, very pleased to educate our children, and in actual fact it’s doing so on all fronts right now. The church cannot go soft on these things. The church cannot lose its voice when it comes to manhood and womanhood.”

      This stuff all reads to me as “pitchfork, meet nature” — some sort of third gender is not cross-culturally uncommon. Apparently this manifestation of it also makes trans men possible, which… if we assume that these things only happen when enough people with the same condition (or however you want to think of it) get together and realize it’s a thing — as opposed to, say, Scott Alexander’s stories of gay men growing up in isolated areas and figuring that men in general must be more attracted to men than women — the statistics here bear out the hypothesis of greater (biological-)male variance, so that’s no surprise.

      So sex and gender get delinked. What next? Well, once gender is no longer about reproduction, there’s no reason for there to be only two. What is gender about? Aesthetic, social strategy, sexual strategy, and (most importantly?) roles. Gay men already have aesthetic-based ~subgenders — bear, twink, etc. — and there’s no reason the rest of the population couldn’t develop that as well.

      Will the Sixth Great Awakening be about the creation of indefinite numbers of genders? Maybe it won’t take that long… remember, David Bowie and Prince were in the news recently.

      (And the only viable alternative for progressive culture, which I assume has ruled out the maintenance of two rigid gender roles, is to bring back the ‘genderqueer’ stuff, which, you know, I remember when that got memory-holed. Last I heard of it was somebody wrote an article about how Kesha was queering gender roles or whatever, so before the content of the allegations against that Lukasz Gottwald character would’ve happened. Sure, the map is not the territory, but if you do that, you lose out on the potential for a common library of role-archetypes, which actually wouldn’t be a bad thing to have.)

      Of course, the obvious concern about (as Christians call it) gender ideology is that progressives are going to try mainstreaming pedophilia again. (Yes, again. They tried in the ’60s. Some of them thought that only normalization of pederasty could prevent fascism.) When they do, they might find some things useful — and even without that, it’s not hard to predict the line, “if they’re old enough to meaningfully consent to transition, how are they not old enough to meaningfully consent to sex?” The obvious and internally-consistent answer is that there’s a difference between knowledge of internal states and knowledge of the external world and gender identity is stable across one’s lifetime, but these people make careers out of wilfully ignoring the obvious.

  3. Frog Do May 4, 2016 at 2:10 pm

    Something that might also be related, in a large-system sense, is the emerging chruch movement and the multitudes it encompasses. The history of it sounds very familar:

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  5. Lena December 22, 2016 at 12:14 am

    Thank you an interesting post 🙂 I agree “Well, things are getting weird. Really weird”. haha unfortunately this isn’t something anyone of us can escape from and it’s true with every great move of God always there is a counterfeit one. We can use history to help us to guide us through and to give us clues so we are wise. I will write a blog on the first and second awakenings soon as I have researched into them and it’s extremely interesting. In fact sometimes the greatest opposition can be ‘the so-called established church’ but also as you said communism and fascism. In fact I believe the current popular religion is the religion of political correctness. It’s bad because most people under it don’t realise it. However, God always protects and answers the calls of His faithful. We just need to keep being faithful to Him and at these times get close and closer to Him so we have that wisdom the world truly lacks. God bless you dear x x

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