How George Formby dealt with a pressure group

In the summer of 1942 Formby was involved in a controversy with the Lord’s Day Observance Society, who had filed law suits against the BBC for playing secular music on Sunday. The society began a campaign against the entertainment industry, claiming all theatrical activity on a Sunday were unethical, and cited a 1667 law which made it illegal. With 60 leading entertainers already avoiding Sunday working, Dean informed Formby that his stance would be crucial in avoiding a spread of the problem. Formby issued a statement, “I’ll hang up my uke on Sundays only when our lads stop fighting and getting killed on Sundays … as far as the Lord’s Day Observance Society are concerned, they can mind their own bloody business. And in any case, what have they done for the war effort except get on everyone’s nerves?” The following day it was announced that the pressure from the society was to be lifted.[105]


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