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Haushofer in America


[Haushofer] justified lebensraum, even at the cost of other nations’ existence because conquest was a biological necessity for a state’s growth.

It is not controversial in this country to say that our growth depended on our expansion into the frontier, or to say that Europe’s growth was greatly aided by the existence of the colonies and the New World.

It should also be noted that exit is impossible without a place to exit to.

Was Haushofer right?

Secessionists and seasteaders take the argument halfway to its conclusion: if greater experimentation leads to the potential for better results, and greater experimentation demands political escape from currently-existing centralized powers, then expansion into new autonomies can grant strength. Even if the acquisitions of land empires would be governed similarly to the capital (which is not necessarily the case, especially if the 山 are 高 and the 皇帝 is 远—as was and is the case in the States, where the imperial capital and the opposite cultural capital are even today separated from the steppe empire by famously ornery ranges of mountains), the settlements of sea empires were not.