There is no white nation


When the white people who make up your ethno-nationalism have spent the past 60 plus years voting in progressively more anti-racist bullshit, have elected a black man because he is black, and spend their time persecuting each other for anti-racism – exactly how are you going to get them to act in their own ethnic self interests?

They are acting in their own perceived self-interest; it’s just that ‘white’ isn’t the relevant category.

Among Brahmins, ethnic self-interest remains in the background: it would be possible to construct a fairly accurate explanation for their politics that doesn’t invoke it. (Rational irrationality, status hierarchies, unknown unknowns, etc.) But that doesn’t mean they have no thedishness amongst themselves. Brahmin attitudes toward Vaisyas range from mocking contempt to genocidal hatred: Brahmindom is monoatheistic, and Vaisyas are clearly on the outside of that, are clearly elthedish to Brahmins. It follows from this that they can’t be considered to be in the same group, insofar as groups are relevant.

One potential solution is to cultivate a new Brahmindom from the Vaisyas, one that’s aware of the proper duties of their caste. The role of Brahmindom is to produce the art, the poetry, etc. for the culture. (Brahmins don’t listen to folk music; they listen to ‘folk punk’. This is a symptom of the underlying disorder.)

Total collaboration of the castes is as unlikely as total collaboration of the classes, but it does not follow from this that the current Streicherism is inevitable.

In America, ‘priesthood’ would be more accurate than ‘Brahmindom’, and ‘missionary caste’ would be more accurate still.


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