02:01 < nydwracu> you know that there are certain identities available to you to identify with
02:01 < nydwracu> and you know that some of those identities can provide certain benefits
02:02 < nydwracu> you adopt an identity based on the benefits it can provide
02:02 < nydwracu> and start to identify with it
02:02 < nydwracu> which means that certain things start to register as thede-relevant
02:02 < nydwracu> you want to promote memes that benefit your identity
02:03 < nydwracu> because that means they benefit the thede, and you’re a part of that
02:03 < nydwracu> and you want to oppose memes that don’t benefit your identity, for the same reason

Of course, this doesn’t happen consciously — visceral feelings of being justified/attacked, etc.


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