New York Times or Rodong Sinmun?

A quiz.

1. The sheer volume of bile spewing from the mouth of ——— is staggering. But just as awe-inducing, and stomach-churning, is the unrestrained breadth of its variety, which makes putting the offenses in order — if one were inclined to — nearly impossible.

2. paternalistic plantation thinking and bias cloaked in benevolence

3. This line of attack on ——— is one of the most revolting things to come out of this whole revolting episode. It feeds into the ignorance about…

4. outrageous and mustn’t be tolerated and glossed over

5. a man of ———’s dubious motives and questionable character spreading pernicious misinformation and hurtful poison

6. ——— further shamed himself — if that’s even possible — and proved supremely disrespectful of and destructive to…

7. The greatest trick up the sleeves of the … is their diabolical ability to render themselves invisible and undetectable, to recede and operate behind a front, one relatable and common.

8. overrun with characters acting at the behest of shadows.

9. And yet too many people shrug or sleep when they should seethe.

10. We should be in a rage
We should be in a rage
We should be in a rage
We should be in a rage
We should be in a rage
We should be in a rage

11. The very purity of the concept invites those determined to alter it, to tilt it toward oligarchy, to slowly, imperceptibly if possible, bring it to a calamitous end.

12. The Mount Kilimanjaro-size amounts of ignorance and offense packed into those two statements boggles the mind.

13. Americans have been trying to justify ——— since its inception, to make the most wrong of wrongs right, to no avail. … Romantic revisionism of this most ghastly enterprise cannot stand. It must be met, vigilantly and unequivocally, with the strongest rebuttal. ——— must not have their memories disfigured by revisionist history. America committed this great sin, its original sin, and there will be no absolution by alteration.

14. abhorrent attempt to sate an irrational cultural bloodlust, rooted in vengeance and barbarism

15. standing on the graves of the executed

16. grasping at straws and straining credulity

17. Reactions … were swift and brutal.

18. What an anachronistic message to send

19. This is a societal disease.

20. a foul odor of accommodation

Answers below the cut.

They’re all from NYT columns.


3 responses to “New York Times or Rodong Sinmun?

  1. Erik May 15, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    Too easy. North Korea and the NYT have very different tones of propaganda, and to my ear, this all sounds very much NYT – in a word, it’s snobbish. NYT is looking down on the offense, bias, ignorance, misinformation, disrespect, and the shadowy, ignorant, offensive, irrational, anachronism. #10 barely sounds like it’s even NYT – Tumblr maybe, but certainly not North Korea. #14 might have been North Korea, except the “irrational”. That’s a Brahmin buzzword, by and for people who self-identify as mentally superior. From North Korea I expect claims of social and cultural superiority, instead.

    • nydwracu May 15, 2014 at 5:07 pm

      Yeah, that’s the problem I had — the quiz frame is only really there to draw attention to the features of the propaganda.

      The Norks will machine-gun your ass for speaking ill of the Dear Leader and stick your head on a pike as a warning; the progs will shake their heads and mutter sad things about how far ‘we’ still have to go until justice comes and ignorance and darkness are driven forever into the past while they throw you out the twentieth story of a building and get it passed off as a suicide.

      Brian Leiter has literally come out in favor of mass political imprisonment of conservatives. That’s not what bothers me. What bothers me is the fucking smarm of it all — I don’t care as much that there are so many people in such prominent places who I could totally see running a death camp were they given the opportunity as I do that they can’t even admit that they hate.

      Fucking Whitecloaks. And the worst part is that it’s a successful strategy!

      (And then there are the ones who are straight-up Streicherite. I know what kind of social environment they’re coming from, and half of them will go the way of tree_bro. The other half will become senior editors at Gawker or Buzzfeed.)

      #10 is a rhetorical device; I left out what followed. Charles Blow is just not a very good writer; repetition and emotional overstatement are the only tricks he knows. Which is what makes his columns such good sources of this stuff.

  2. Anthony May 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    #s 7, 8, 14, and 20 are the only ones which remotely sounded Nork (or Chinese from the days when they actually were Communist), and even some of those would require a bit of creativity from the translator.

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