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Co-Founder, Democracy Partners

Going Out of Our Way to Uniquely Screw People With Student Debt

America is truly an exceptional country. But America is exceptional not only in good ways, but also in some remarkably bad ways. The power of greedy special interests over our government is as big here as anywhere in the world. One big example: our uniquely messed up way of financing student debt. I don’t know of any other country that specifically goes out of their way to screw students and people with student debt the way we do. Big banks can go to the Federal Reserve Discount Window and get practically no interest loans. Every other kind of debtor can refinance and renegotiate their debts, but the law specifically prohibits people with student debt from ever refinancing their loans to a lower interest rate, singling them out as a special class.

The Choice We Face, the Debate We Must Have

What troubled me most was that Kerry, after acknowledging that many Israelis have offered the same warning, apologized for using the word ‘apartheid’ saying that ‘it is a word best left out of the debate here at home.’ In other words, Israelis can have this debate, but we can’t.

President, Arab American Institute; author, ‘Arab Voices’

My Letter to Michelle Obama: From One Mother to Another, Help My Immigrant Family

Single Mother

We have many things in common, however, there is a major difference between us: I have been refused the right to raise my children with my husband, their father, at my side.

Retired educator from the Houston Independent School District

Morally, What Does the US Stand for?

It took three weeks for President Obama to publicly address the crisis of over 250 Nigerian school girls kidnapped on April 14 and to pledge to send modest support. That is 22 days of unfathomable cruelty to vulnerable girls.

Author, ‘Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa’

The Marx Brothers? Pope Francis and Thomas Piketty Both Want to Redistribute Wealth

What does it mean when the world hears the same message from the Catholic Pontiff and a French economist?

Professor of Theology, Chicago Theological Seminary

What Celebrities Should Know Before Performing for Dictators

Indeed, these choices are a far cry from America, the brand – the moral torchbearer and defender of human rights, of fairness and justice, and above all, of what is good and decent.

America, the brand

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